Low/no-code enthusiast, consultant, and educator

Helping companies leverage modern tools to create new products and streamline their internal processes.

New Course - Build a custom Zapier to Bubble integration

Extend your product and empower your users to manage their own integrations with a custom Zapier app.

Bubble Plugins

I'm proud to be the creator of the 1T line of Bubble plugins. You'll find some of the most useful plugins in the Bubble marketplace under the 1T label.

1T - CSV Creator

Resolving one of the most needed functionalities overlooked by the Bubble team, the CSV creator has enabled thousands of Bubble creators to export their data how they want.

CSV Uploader

Allow your users to upload CSV data from the front end and dynamically map their custom column headers to the data fields you provide.

1T - List of Dates

Generate a full list of dates with custom start day, dates, and intervals.

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